Fluid Skate

Queer Friendly & Diverse Skating Sessions. At Junction Skate and BMX Park we welcome LGBTQIA+ Diverse communities, friends families and allies.

Our mission statement and overall outcome

To bring inclusivity and inspiration to LGBTIQ people around the community to conquer their fears and unite as a revolutionary body to empower and develop skateboarding skills together in a safe and friendly environment.

What is Fluid Skate?

Junctions new program providing more opportunities for queer people in Boroondara. The JSBP will provide FREE lessons, equipment hire, coaching and support every Wednesday. Our aim is to increase participation by marginalised and female user groups, provide exposure, empower LGBTIQ people and run events such as:

  • weekly Wednesday skateboard sessions;
  • skatepark etiquette;
  • free drop in-group lessons;
  • free equipment hire;
  • free access to coaches and mentors;
  • dedicated allocation of space to facilitate the program;
  • time to socialise and meet other participants – building connections and make friends;
  • games and activities.

Lessons will teach first timers how to:

  • skate;
  • balance;
  • correct technique;
  • safety;
  • tricks;
  • physical fitness;
  • build confidence;
  • skate stance;
  • skate culture;
  • personalisation of equipment and;
  • how to advance from current skill set to new levels.

Class schedule: Every Wednesday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm

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*Extreme Weather:
The team at Junction Skate and BMX Park will cancel events and programs due to extreme heat/hot or wet weather policies.

Girls Skate

Girls Skate sessions are a fun-social and supportive skateboarding lesson for girls seven years and older. Including young women aged 18 and over. Suitable for beginners, the lessons are an informal way to learn some skills and experience skating at a skate park with the instruction and guidance of experienced coaches.

The session includes a one-hour girls skateboarding lesson followed by 45 minutes of skating for girls. The Y skateboard coaches supervise and manage the public skate park during the Progression Session so that all girls have the space and freedom to practice their skills.

Class schedule: Thursday evenings from 4:00pm

Please note:

  • Girls Skate does not run during Winter months (June, July and August) as the park reduces to a restricted timetable of operations
  • During school holidays Girls Skate moves to 2:00pm Thursday’s to align with staffed hours
  • In the case of rained out or weather exceeding 35 plus degrees Girls and LGBTIQ Skate session will be cancelled

Spectrum Skate

What is Spectrum Skate?

YMCA Junction Skate and BMX Park host Spectrum Skate every school holiday period throughout the year.

Spectrum Skate are fun and free sessions for young people with learning disabilities, autism, and who may fall under other spectrums to have a go and connect to a social world via skateboarding. The skate sessions are with our coaches held in a safe, friendly and controlled environment

Community Games

The Junction team host a series of community games every school holiday period with small “best trick”, drop in competitions for all ages including scoot, skate and BMX. The best trick comps are a casual format with our awesome staff judging the day.

Junction’s community game of S.K.A.T.E also takes place each school holidays and the Junction team host a series of comps for all different ages and categories to participate in. This is a great way for the young skate club riders and lesson participants to showcase their skills.


Other programs